Waterslides, Chunks Of Buttock Flesh & When Someone Comments On Your Body

Last weekend, I had some old-fashioned squealy fun at a water-based theme park.


(It’s a great place to go when adulting starts to grind you down!)


We’re in the line for a warm-up waterslide. I’m wearing a one-piece swimsuit, a rashie and my thongs (shoe thongs, not underwear thongs) are at the bottom of the waterslide.


For the uninitiated, serious watersliding demands adherence to the Watersliding Dress Code.


Swimsuits must strictly comply with “make-sure-the-boobs-don’t-fly-free” criterion. If you, like me, burn easily, you’re strongly recommended to slip, slop and slap whilst cursing your Irish ancestors. Thongs or sandals must be readily accessible for traversing the hot concrete between waterslides. Got it?


For some unknown reason, a minor chunk of my gluteus flesh is poking out the bottom boundary of my swimsuit. It certainly wasn’t risqué or offensive but it caught the eye of the 5-year-old boy behind me.


Master 5 taps me on the arm and points out that a small chunk of buttock had escaped the confine of my bathers.


I am trigger-free when it comes to buttock chunks. Partly because it’s the last place I put on weight and partly because I’ve done so much tapping on weight, body and eating issues.


He clearly means no harm. He is just trying to be helpful. And his father is obviously dying on the inside as he witnesses this exchange.


I thank him, tuck my buttock chunk back into my bathers and enjoy the rest of my watersliding. But it made me think about all the different (often unkind) things that people have said to you about your body.



  • Did someone comment on your weight and you felt the crushing blow of inferiority?
  • Did they try to encourage you to eat less and exercise more whilst your cheeks burned bright red with shame or humiliation?
  • Did he point out something that could be changed or improved whilst you held back tears?
  • Did she take one look at you and raise her eyebrows causing you to overthink every food choice for the next month?


You’re not alone. It’s a horrible and all too-frequent experience that so many women endure.


Even when your friends and family mean well, one careless comment can trigger you to your very core and leave you feeling ashamed, humiliated or angry.


And too many of us eat in response to our triggers which then sends us into a downward spiral of despair and self-attack.


There are two ways EFT can help you in a situation like this:

  1. Tap to heal the impact of the comment.
  2. Tap to clear out the core trigger.


If someone has commented on your body in the past and it still stings, then this week’s tapping video is perfect for you. Simply choose a specific event where someone commented on your body and press play to tap-along.





There is absolutely no benefit in carrying this hurt with you into the future. Use EFT to take the edge off right now!


Hope it helps 🙂