How To Tap Away Ice Cream Cravings

Ever read an article about how to stay slim and healthy just like Miranda or Gwyneth or any one of a number of sleek and glamorous supermodel-types??


It often goes something like this: Oats and goji berries for breakfast. Latte with almond milk. Salmon and sprouts for lunch. Yoga. Running around after kids. Green smoothies and a quick stretch before bed…


We think to ourselves “if it works for her, it’ll work for me too!”


And then the famous last words: “I’ll start tomorrow!”


But if you’re struggling with your eating, the sleek supermodels of the world are the *worst* people to look to when it comes to health and weight advice.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they know their stuff. We all know that clean protein and vegies and exercise are great for our bodies.


The problem is that healthy eating has always come easily to the slim supermodel-types of the world. They don’t know what it is to feel completely out of control around food. And they have a gazillion support staff to help them stay on track.


They’re on a completely different playing field from you and me.


Who should you actually be taking advice from?


The short answer: someone like me.


The long answer: in February this year, I delivered a webinar called Emotional Eating: 6 Reasons Women Overeat & What To Do About It. (You can check it out here.)


It was really popular. Not viral-popular or Kate-Middleton’s-new-hair-cut-popular but popular for me and my stage of business. (Nearly 700 people watched it in less than a week.) 


Between you and me, I found the level of interest in the webinar quite overwhelming.


Good overwhelming and bad overwhelming.


Good overwhelming because I had no idea so many people were looking for help with this issue.


Bad overwhelming because I didn’t really want to wade into the weight loss industry – it can feel so slimey and gross at times, don’t you think? (Tap, tap, tap.)


Bad overwhelming because I didn’t really want to share my own personal story about being out of control around food. (Tap, tap, tap.)


And bad overwhelming because I worried that I was supposed to be PERFECT SINCE FOREVER IN THE PAST and PERFECT FOREVER IN THE FUTURE in order to help others who are struggling with their emotional eating.


I had this crazy idea that the pre-requisite for helping others and delivering value is life-long, unwavering, irrefutable perfection. (Yikes!)


Tap, tap, tap. Wrong, wrong, wrong!


I’m far less sleek and shiny than the gorgeous female celebrities of the world but I’ve got the tools that actually work. I know where you’re at, I can empathise with your struggle and I know EXACTLY what it takes to move forward.


And I want to help you because I know that obsessing over food and eating and extra inches or pounds or rolls is a monumental waste of your time, energy and gifts.


Going forward, I’m going to be focusing much more of my blog on EFT for emotional eating and weight.


Because… I want to help and I have something valuable to offer.


If you have no interest in this topic whatsoever, that’s cool, you can unsubscribe below. (But promise me that you won’t forget about EFT!)


If you’re curious, you’re very welcome to lurk in the background and see how this pans out.


And if this is actually EXACTLY what you need, let’s all yodel with joy from the mountaintops!


This is what I can promise:


  • I can absolutely promise you that EFT has the power to heal your emotional eating, to conquer your cravings, to clear subconscious weight blocks and to transform your relationship with food. Forever.


  • I can absolutely promise you that, if you’re ready, I will do what it takes to help you get there.


  • I can absolutely promise you that change is possible.


Initially, this will look like regular blogs, lots of tap-along videos, opportunities to work with me solo, opportunities to work with me as part of a group program, lots of happy dances when you have a win and lots of hard-won wisdom when you’re feeling wonky.


Sound good?


Great! Let’s start this adventure with a video about one of the most popular binge foods out there: ice cream.


If you regularly crave and/or binge on ice cream, check out this video and get tapping!




And if you’re ready to heal your emotional eating, I’d love to help you. Enquire here about EFT coaching with me.