Interested in Sarah Cleghorn as your next speaker or interviewee?

Looking for a speaker who teaches easy, powerful and cutting-edge techniques?

A speaker who prefers transformation to information and always empowers audiences with practical and actionable tips that deliver real-world results after the talk?

Someone who is engaging, passionate, creative and funny?


I’d love to help you out!

Speaking is one of my favourite things… 


Three types of speaking that I love: 

  • Speaking at live events or conferences
  • Being interviewed for blogs or podcasts
  • Delivering training at your workplace or school


My favourite topics

  • EFT – how it works, what to use it for and how it’s changing the world for the better
  • Mastering self-leadership – practical ways to eliminate stress, anxiety & overwhelm so you can bring forth your inner-genius
  • Emotional eating – why we eat our stress and how to stop it (so we can be healthy and gorgeous)
  • All things public speaking – why it makes you nervous, how to deliver powerful pitches / presentations / videos etc, and how to navigate difficult conversations 
  • The “Attention Economy” –  how our global economy has shifted over the last 20 years, what it means for leaders and how you can succeed in this new world


Sample topics

  • The Antidote To Overwhelm: 4 Steps To Tapping Away Your Stress, Anxiety & Self-Doubt
  • Mastering Self-Leadership: How to Eliminate Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm And Bring Forth Your Inner-Genius
  • Overcome Emotional Eating: 6 Reasons Women Overeat & What To Do About It
  • The 4 Pillars Of Public Speaking: How To Create & Deliver Powerful Pitches and Presentations
  • From Conflict To Cooperation: How To Navigate Difficult Conversations With Grace
  • Tapping Into Peak Performance: 5 Ways That Ambitious Executives & Entrepreneurs Can Use EFT For Peak Performance
  • Success In The Attention Economy: How To Thrive In A World Full Of Distractions

Or we can just freestyle on all things EFT, wellbeing, communication and how to make the world a better place! 


“Thanks, but no thanks” 

I hate wasting time, so here’s a heads up about the things I normally say no to: 

  • Topics that aren’t related to EFT, wellbeing or communication. (I know a lot about commercial leases, Kate Middleton’s wardrobe and Handel’s music but it’s not my zone of genius.)
  • Audiences that are apathetic or narrow-minded. (I’m not in the business of convincing others that learning, growth and contribution are awesome. I’m a curious and creative self-starter with big dreams who resonates really well with other trailblazers and change-makers.)    
  • Live online recordings (Live events are great but with timezone differences and other commitments, it’s best we pre-record online interviews.)



I’m usually located in Melbourne, Australia which is known as AEST / +10.00 GMT.

If we are a good fit and have agreed on all key terms, we’ll get in touch with our online scheduler. It’s easy to use and makes life simple for everyone! 


How to book me

First step is to email me at sarah@tappingintoyourgenius.com

If it seems like a good fit, we’ll respond ASAP and get moving with the next steps. 


Thank you!

I know how precious your community is, so I’m humbled you want to introduce me to it. 

Thank you so much for considering me; I promise I’ll bring my all.