I now understand that I am using food to numb my emotions because I was never allowed to express them.

I am not healed miraculously but on the next day I did not eat all of my shopping - for the first time in weeks!!

Just wanted to say thank you as I know you are putting so much effort into your work.

- Michaela, Eastern Europe

Sarah magically came into my life when I was broken. I could not see a way forward and was really stuck.

Through her amazing work, she helped me see possibility.

Her patient and powerful work helped me to put myself back together far more quickly than I thought possible.

Thank you Sarah!

- Kirsten, Auckland, New Zealand

Sarah’s coaching was liberating and the process was a lot of fun.

Sarah is focused, dedicated to getting real results, and has a special and very creative knack for a beautiful, gentle way of getting to the core of any issue and transforming it swiftly.

It almost feels too good to be true that I finally have the flexibility and freedom that had long been so elusive for me.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for Sarah’s skilful, determined, gifted coaching.

- Debra, Melbourne, Australia

Sarah is like a breath of fresh air for me.

She creates such an awesome space for me to heal and she shifts my energy instantly.

Her uplifting, powerful and accepting manner allows me to release anything that is holding me back from moving forward.

- Di, Adelaide, Australia

I love Sarah’s sense of humour and her fabulous ability to be so descriptive and creative when you are working with me.

You are able to see in me the things I try to avoid addressing and then have a lovely no nonsense approach to bring things to my attention.

- Zansie, Christchurch, New Zealand