Discover What’s Blocking Your Intuition

Ever feel disconnected from your intuition? Or do you ever get intuitive hits but don’t act on them?


“Move on”

When I was working in Japan, I got an intuitive hit that it was time to leave the company I was working for. The project I was working on was drawing to a close and I felt done. However, my high-functioning, logical brain, coupled with a big fat dose of fear, convinced me that the ‘sensible’ thing to do was to stay.


It was safe. It was known. Big money was waiting for me if I hung in there.


Ha! Little did I know that by ignoring my intuition I was walking straight into a firestorm of betrayal, conflict, affidavit-wielding lawyers and the loss of a large sum of hard-earned cashola.


Whilst I learnt a significant amount during and after that process – lessons I highly value – I sometimes wonder what might have happened if I’d listened to my intuition and dodged that barrage of bullets.


If you’d love to feel more strongly connected to your intuition, this podcast is for you!



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