“This time it’s going to be different…” (Said every dieter ever!)

Emotional Eating Workshop

You start strong. You’re gung-ho and full of enthusiasm. You’re *sure* that this time it’s going to be different. Then it happens… You wobble. And your inner two year old seizes control.   “What’s the point?” “Maybe it’s not ‘meant to be‘.” “Eff-this!” “It’s too hard.” “I quit.” “I didn’t really want it anyway…so there!”    […]

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How To Navigate Christmas Craziness With A Dash Of Grace


If you hear “Ho Ho Ho” and think “Horrible Horrible Horrible”, you’re not alone! Christmas is a tricky time of year for a lot of people. The combination of unrealistic expectations, intense consumerism, over-scheduled calendars and the prospect of locking horns with otherwise-distant family members over the dinner table can bring even the most zen yogi […]

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