Here’s my third-person professional bio:


Sarah Cleghorn helps women heal their emotional eating and clear their subconscious weight loss blocks.


A certified EFT practitioner with a degree in psychology who has been sucked in by every single fad diet under the sun, Sarah shows women how to heal the root causes of their cravings, binge-eating and self-sabotage.


Fuelled by soul and supported by science, Sarah is passionate about sharing the tools and techniques that allowed her to ditch the chronic ice cream and bread binges, lose 12kg and *finally* feel in control around food.


Ok… But who is Sarah really?


Basically, I show women like you how to stop binge-eating. Forever.


  • If you start your day eating healthy only to find yourself frantically stuffing junk into your mouth at the end of the day…


  • If you secretly get into your car and drive 20 minutes through the rainy night because you’re desperately craving cookies or pizza or ice cream…


  • If you’ve tried every fad diet under the sun but still find yourself feeling completely out-of-control around food…


I can help.



I can help because I get it.


One night in August 2006:


I’m curled up on my bed surrounded by Kit Kat Chunky wrappers. And a plate with crumbs from all the toast and butter. And an empty 1-litre tub of ice cream. And a half-eaten pack of shortbread biscuits. And possibly an empty bowl with smears of last night’s spag bol.


I’m not sure what triggered the eating tonight but I know that it happens a lot.


I know that my bloated stomach aches, I know that I hate myself for not having more control and I know that I’m desperate for a solution.



You’ve been sold a lie.

You see, our culture tells us that a healthy body requires two things: knowledge and willpower.


But you and me, we know more about nutrition than most. We’ve started more diet and exercise plans than most. We’ve endured epic mental battles more than most.


From Atkins to liver cleanses and cabbage soup and lemon juice / paprika shots and Paleo and low-carb and fasting and no-carb and grazing and superfoods and gluten-free and Dukan and high-fat and South Beach and no-sugar and meal replacement shakes and vegetarian and Weight Watchers and raw food and Jenny Craig, we’ve Done. It. All.


And some of it works. I mean, you can’t starve yourself for three weeks without losing weight. But it never lasts. The binges return, the emotional eating returns, the self-hatred returns. And then the weight returns.


It’s a vicious cycle.



It’s not your fault.


If the root cause of your overeating is emotional or energetic, then diets and willpower won’t help.


Diets don’t work for you because you’re trying to solve an emotional issue with a physical solution.

Willpower doesn’t work for you because you’re trying to solve an emotional issue with a mental solution.



You need to address the root cause of your eating.

The truth is that you haven’t been taught how to heal the feelings that fuel your emotional eating.

You haven’t been told how to stop cravings in their tracks.

You haven’t been shown how to clear your subconscious weight loss blocks.



Enter stage left: EFT (a.k.a tapping)

In public, I’m all smiles, moderate portions and Vote#1 Vegetables.


No one knows how much I eat. No one knows how much I struggle. No one knows how ashamed I am of my dirty little secret.


Locked in my share-house bedroom in a trendy inner-city locale and surrounded by the remnants of my binge, sheer desperation drives me to experiment with a strange-looking technique called EFT. It looks pretty weird but it seems to work. I get some relief. I feel a bit better. I don’t feel compelled to finish the shortbread biscuits (minor miracle!).


After one session with an EFT practitioner, my daily habit of 4-5 king-size Kit Kat Chunky chocolate bars stops. Completely stops with *no* effort on my behalf. 


I don’t crave them, I don’t think about them, I couldn’t give two hoots about those trapezoidal bars of processed crap in their shiny red wrappers.


I’m gobsmacked. (Because I’m convinced I’ll be broken forever.)


But the experience provides a glimmer of hope and sparks my curiosity. I do a deep dive into the world of EFT. I read every book, I train with the best of the best, I take every course, I devour the research and I become certified at the highest level.  


And as a result of all my tapping, I put an end to cravings, I ditch the binges and I lose the excess weight. Steadily. Lovingly. Easily.


And I keep it off. For years.



And that’s how I can help.

If you’re ready to stop the binges, clear your inner weight loss blocks and *finally* feel in control around food, let me know.


I’m walking, talking evidence that EFT works for emotional eating and weight loss. I’ve helped hundreds of clients heal their emotional issues and clear subconscious blocks with EFT. Scientific evidence confirming the efficacy of EFT is rolling in. And I’m deeply committed to delivering these tools to those who need and want them.



Are you ready?

You can start with my free Emotional Eating Workshop where you learn about the six reasons women overeat and what to do about it.


And if you’re ready for the next step, get in touch and we can discuss life-changing coaching.



A few other random tidbits about me:

(Because who doesn’t want more Sarah?!)


  • I started my first business when I was eight. It was a bike repair business. I naively thought that my dad would do all the work (for free), that my younger sister would be my receptionist (for free) and that I would pocket all the cash. Needless to say, it didn’t really work out as I planned!


  • I’m left-handed. Not only are my birthday cards and shopping lists smudged and messy, I often walk around with ink on the side of my little finger.


  • I invited Prince William to my Year 10 dance. You may not be surprised to learn that he didn’t respond to my lovingly-crafted letter!


  • I once owned an old VW Beetle. It was yellow, his name was Moon Face and I loved him with a ferocity reserved for newborns.