5 Ways Professionals Use EFT For Stress-Free Work Days


I got up from my desk, walked towards my GM’s office and then did a last minute detour. The next day, I got up from my desk, walked towards my GM’s office and then did a last minute detour. The day after that, I got up from my desk, walked towards my GM’s office and then did a last minute detour. Day 4, I got up from my desk, walked towards my GM’s office and then did a last minute detour.


This continued for quite some time.


Six weeks to be exact.


Yep, every day for six whole weeks, I would get up from my desk, walk towards my GM’s office and then do a last minute detour.


He must have thought I was the weirdest employee he’d ever come across. (But that was the least of my problems!)


You see, I was 18 months into my first proper job and I hadn’t had either a performance review or a salary review. I wanted both but was terrified to have the conversation with my boss. TERRIFIED. I truly thought I’d vomit on my GM’s shoes / desk / laptop before I got the words out.


And so, I created daily last minute detours.


My internal dialogue went a bit like this: “If you were good enough, they’d offer it to you without you having to ask. You are terrible. You are dreadful. You are lazy, incompetent and foolish. Ergo, no performance review. You should be counting your blessings that you haven’t been fired yet. You will never get a pay rise in your entire life. Did we mention that you are terrible? You are stupid. You are delusional about your prospects. You’ll blush for eternity. Maybe they’ll sack you. No, you’ll have to quit because the daily humiliation will be too much.”


Sound familiar?


I’d just discovered EFT.

One night when my housemate wasn’t available to listen to me, once again, agonise over what I should say, how to remain vomit-free whilst speaking and whether I was a complete failure of a human being, I thought I’d give it a whirl on this issue.


I didn’t have much to lose!


I was a novice tapper but EFT took the edge off my nerves. EFT helped me clear a few layers of self-doubt. EFT reminded me that I wasn’t the centre of the universe. (Shocking, I know!) EFT allowed me to see that my boss was busy, stressed and battling a bulging to-do list.


That night of tapping gave me enough courage to get up from my desk, walk towards my GM’s office and actually request a performance review.


(Round of applause for Sarah!)


Using my newly-discovered energy tool, I was able to view the situation clearly and acknowledge that I had the power to make change.


And I have continued to use EFT as my career progressed. Both my clients and I see it as a secret magic weapon that can transform our mindset in mere minutes. And when you’ve got the right mindset in place, anything is possible!


If that’s something you’re interested in, here are 5 common ways that professionals use EFT in the workplace:



1. Daily stress & tension

We all know that stress is terrible for our health and our performance; EFT can help you release that stress immediately. Start by tuning into your body and ask yourself where you feel the stress the most. Shoulders? Chest? Stomach?

“Even though I feel all this work tension in my shoulders….”
“Even though I feel sick in my stomach about my to-do list…”



2. Annoying colleagues

Do you have staff or colleagues who drive you completely bonkers? Their manner or their behaviour or their attitude infuriates you? You can reduce the effect they have on you by tapping.

Check out my podcast on this very issue. It will guide you through the process that I’ve used to work with the well-meaning but irritating professionals I’ve come across during my career.

Click here for podcast for annoying colleagues.


(NB. Tapping doesn’t allow, excuse or make acceptable things like bullying, sexual abuse or other inappropriate workplace behaviours. If that’s happening, you need to report their behaviour and seek support.)



3. Presentations / public speaking

Public speaking is one of the most common of all phobias. And a lot of people employ a strategy of “avoid public speaking opportunities at all costs.” However, you’re seriously hindering your career if you don’t speak up in meetings, don’t pitch for new business or can’t speak to your colleagues with confidence.

Read this article about the 5 different types of public speaking anxiety that exist and start tapping on whichever type feels most intense for you.

Click here for article about overcoming public speaking butterflies.



4. Overwhelm

Ever wished you could press “Pause” on the world so you can catch up and/or chill out for a bit? Yep, been there!

Overwhelm is a sense of there being something to do and not enough time, energy, resources or support to do it. Sometimes you need to say no or ask for help. And other times, you need to shift your perception. If you take one look at your to-do list and freak out, you’re automatically reducing your brain’s capacity to access its intelligence, creativity and resourcefulness. (And that’s a bad way to start a day!)

EFT can help you clear out the stress and allow you to look – calmly, clearly, confidently – at the tasks that lie ahead. Check out my podcast on handling to-do list overwhelm. It will guide you through a process that I use almost every day.

Click here for overwhelm podcast. 



5. Managing distractions

In the Attention Economy, our focus and attention and energy are our most powerful resources, yet too many of us fritter them away by jumping between tasks, constantly checking our phones and getting distracted by incoming emails.

The solution is very simple: turn off your phone, shut down your email and do one thing at a time. Simple but very hard. For a lot of my professional clients, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is the root cause of their distraction and that’s an easy issue to tap on.

“Even though I’m scared I’ll miss something important if I focus for the next 30 minutes…”

“Even though I’m sure there’s something better than this report…”

“Even though I don’t want to miss out on anything…”



And to finish the story from 2006…

After using EFT to get up the courage to ask for a performance review, I was mollified to learn that my GM was horrified that there was no performance or salary review process in place. He thanked me for bringing it to his attention, actioned it quickly and I ended up getting a raise!

(And, as a bonus, I didn’t faint or vomit or have to resign out of sheer humiliation! #winning)



If you’re ready for to perform at a higher level in the workplace and looking for some support, I’d love to help you. Please enquire about coaching here: sarah@tappingintoyourgenius.com