How To Deal With Politics When It Feels Too Hard

When I was a kid, I was sure I’d grow up to be the Prime Minister of Australia. (My nine year old self was convinced she had all the answers!) 


Party politics grew less and less attractive with every passing year but my inner activist still rears its (ugly/beautiful/otherwise) head on a regular basis.


Over the last month, I’ve followed the horrific story about the new U.S. practice of separating kids from their families when seeking asylum. I donated money to help organisations working to reunite refugee families and emotionally supported / cheered-on American friends who have been phoning their local representatives and agitating for policy change.


I’ve also observed how easy it is for compassionate folk to go numb in the face of such horror.


I get it. It can seem too hard and too awful. Powerlessness can feel real and irreversible. The problem daunts us with its sheer scale.


But I keep hearing the same refrain rattle around my skull: “Thank goodness for EFT”.


EFT keeps me in my body and able to take smart action, despite the horrific nature of this situation.

I desperately hope those on the front-line have access to EFT so they too can stay in their bodies and use their smarts and hearts to support the affected families.

And EFT is the only tool I know of that will help those sweet, innocent children experiencing such unbelievable trauma.


The last month has reignited my commitment to spreading the power of EFT and advocating for its uptake in the most loveless places on earth.


May it be received by those who need it most.


And if your heart aches…

If your heart is being shredded to pieces by local / national / international politics, remember that the most powerful thing you can do is act from a place of love (or, as-much-love-as-humanly-possible).


This recipe has two ingredients: action + place of love, both of which are enhanced by EFT.


ACTION: If taking action is scary, tap on your fears. If it feels easier to numb out on food, booze or online shopping, tap on the qualities that draw you to your drug of choice. If you don’t know where to start, tap on your overwhelm.


PLACE OF LOVE: Be ferocious, be firm, be unwavering, but bring as much love to the conversation that you can scrounge up. When we act from a place of peace and love, it is easier for others to hear us. When we act from a place of peace and love, it is easier to inspire others to take action. When we act from a place of peace and love, we are modelling a better way for our global community. And tapping is the easiest and fastest way to re-centre ourselves in peace and love when we veer into fear or hate.


May love prevail and happy tapping. xx